Equality Vs Dignity

Recently I read about UN’s women wing organising gender equality #heforshe program-mes to make women aware of their rights. I wonder if we are equal to men then why UN has a different wing for us ? Why government has quotas for us? Why buses, metros have reservation for us? Why doing something out of the “girly” box bring us into lime light? Why such a fuss over Marry being the first women to run a global automaker? Why Olympics have different parameters for us?

Is that because we aren’t equal ? Is the world not showing that men and women are two totally different beings by having different parameters to judge them and still shouting for equality?

When they say we all are equal in the eye of law, they mean two person accused of the same crime will be given the same punishment, irrespective of their status, caste creed, race , ethnicity or gender (whether or not they are given is altogether a different thing).
But what do they mean when they say, women are equal to men? Are we biologically same? No. Is our thinking process same? I don’t think so. Then what make us equal?

Well! Let me say we are not equal. Then? Does that make us  less human?Not being men means we have no dignity and we deserve no respect?
If we are still humans then why are we treated as objects or property and hence “conquered”? Why rapes are such common sight these days that no one even pays attention to these news? Why walking alone in the street is such a dreadful task? Why while asking for permission to go out, we don’t sound confident that we’ll be safe. Why everybody is so eager to pass their cheap comments on us, dig their hands into our flesh, or scan us with their lecherous glares? Why our clothes, parties, friends counted as our attributes? Why is our safety on the cost of our liberty? Why even staying home isn’t an assurance of being safe?  Why our will is of no importance to anyone? Why are we sold  and bought everyday? Why we have to prove that we are equal to men, to gain basic human rights?

                                               WE ARE MORE THAN JUST A VAGINA

We too have needs and desires. We too feel lonely that’s why we make friends..We too are social creatures that’s  why we go out. We too want to enjoy our life that’s why we go to pubs, discs, malls. We  too long for love that’s why we fall for someone. We too want to look good that’s why we apply makeup. We feel comfortable in shorts that’s why we wear them? We go for prostitution because we need money and not sex. Whatever we do is not always aimed at impressing guys, there is so much more to it.  Are these things too complicated to understand?  Dont treat as equals, just as humans.