Birthday Bash

Why are they so important? Why do people look forward to their birthdays? How thinking about birthday treat, parties make you so gay. How we call it our big day.
The day on which we came into this world. The day which shows how we are aging. Every year when we are celebrating our birthday, we are celebrating how we are aging.

What actually makes it so important and us so happy, is all those warm wishes, calls, texts, treats symbolizing peopel remember us. We are important enough for them to remember our birth-date. We are important enough for them to make effort to find out our birthdate. We are important enough for them to write a wish or make call to wish us.

I see how facebook sends notification telling everyone on our list that it’s your birthday, and how they dont have to remember it now so they arent actually making efforts but in this busy world, people don’t have time for themselves so even if they are making time by responding to a notification, we are important to them.

So, why are birthdays important?
It’s not because of us, it’s because of people in our lives.

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